The following requirements must be met in order to benefit from our free NPO offer:

1. Send confirmation of non-profit status

You can provide us with a document that officially confirms the non-profit status of your organization (e.g. letter confirming article "501(c)(3)" for US companies).

2. Add a link to your website

You will need to add a link referencing eSurveyCreator onto your website. The link needs to be placed on the homepage or on a direct sub-page that is linked from the homepage (e.g. "Partners").

We will provide you with the final text and link that needs to be added to your website after we have received your inquiry. If necessary, we might rephrase the text so it better fits your existing content.

What we are offering

You will be granted free use of our Business Plan.

Important: This offer will remain valid as long as your organization has non-profit status and the link added to your website remains unchanged. However, this is a one-time offer. Once you remove our link from your website you will be downgraded automatically and will not be able to benefit from this offer again.

What you need to do

Please send us an email to containing following information:

  1. Document officially proving your organizations non-profit status
  2. URL of the website where our link will be added

One of our representatives will then get back to you as soon as possible with the final link that needs to be added to your website. Once this link is set, we will upgrade your eSurveyCreator account to our Business Plan for free.

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