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Airport Choice
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The purpose of this study is to examine the mode choice of passengers in Vienna Airport from home to airport. This study is being conducted through the University of Maribor, Faculty of logistics.
This questionnaire asks about your personal opinion on the factors which influence the decision about mode choice. We are aware that the questionnaire is somewhat long, but for quality research, we need quality answers. We kindly ask you to take 10 minutes and answer questions.

Your responses will be anonymous. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

Below you will evaluate the following factors (so we give a brief explanation of them):
TRAVEL TIME (the time you need to get from home to the airport);
TRIP PURPOSE (holiday / business trip);
COST (the amount of money you spent to get from home to the airport - ticket, taxi fare, parking, gas, ...)
DISTANCE TO TERMINAL/AIRPORT (distance between the point you leave your transport to terminal - from parking to terminal or bus stop to terminal, etc.)
CONVENIENCE FOR STORING LUGGAGE (luggage space, handling with luggage)
PUNCTUALITY (adhering to an appointed time)
SAFETY (safety of your personal belongings)
PAST EXPERIENCE (experience about transport mode from the past)