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Spirituality and Aikido Practice in the United States
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You are invited to participate in a voluntary research study to determine the potential effects Aikido practice has had on the spiritual and religious beliefs of its practitioners. I am a doctoral candidate at Salve Regina University, Newport RI working on my dissertation; I have also been a student of Aikido for almost 20 years. Your participation will help others understand how Aikido is more than just a physical martial art.

Any American Aikido participant who completes the questionnaire and provides their email will be eligible to win one of three prizes: one (1) Kingfisher hickory (grade L3) bokken, one (1) Kingfisher hickory (grade L3) jo, or one (1) Kingfisher weapons slip. Winners will be chosen at random once the study is complete.

Enter email below if you want to enter to win one of the prizes.

Please email for a copy of the Letter of Informed Consent for complete participation information.

The Survey should take you approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

I have read and understand that this is a voluntary survey and my answers will be used as part of an academic study being conducted at Salve Regina University. *

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