Town of Duanesburg Comprehensive Plan Questionaire
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THE LAND. The town of Duanesburg’s current land use goal is: To promote land use that strengthens existing centers, protects important natural resources, maintains an efficient transportation network, provides for economical services and facilities, fosters an orderly pattern of growth and development, and maintains a rural atmosphere.
Concerning the above statement, do you:


Do you think environmentally sensitive areas (wetlands, farms, forests, etc.) are presently protected enough in Duanesburg?


Please indicate your opinion as to whether the Town of Duanesburg should encourage or discourage the following land uses or practices:

Encourage Discourage

The current minimum lot size in an area zoned (R2) Agricultural/Residential, which comprises a large amount of the town, is 2.3 acres. Do you feel this size is:


The Town of Duanesburg currently supports the preservation and protection of the farming and agritourism community. Do You:


Do you think special measures should be taken to preserve historical and cultural properties?


I would like vacant land use in my neighborhood to develop as: (Check all that apply)


HOUSING. Should the Town of Duanesburg encourage a variety of housing types to meet the needs of all Town residents? Please indicate which housing types you would encourage if located in appropriately zoned areas. (Check all that apply.)


The Town of Duanesburg encourages planned residential development that avoids “strip” development along roads to prevent “land locking” large tracts of land. Do You:


COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY. The Towns current economic goal is: To preserve and strengthen the town’s economy by encouraging the controlled growth of services, retail, commercial and small, light industrial businesses.


The Town of Duanesburg currently supports commercial development on interstate, state, county and local roads that are commercial corridors with appropriate aesthetic consideration.


What types of business would you like to see in a commercial corridor in the Town of Duanesburg?
The following is a short list of ideas. Check all that apply and PLEASE add your own ideas.


Should the Town of Duanesburg encourage “Big Box” retail and wholesale stores in the commercial corridors


Where do you think a good place would be to locate commercial business?

Yes No

Should the Town of Duanesburg encourage large warehousing or distribution centers similar to those located in Sharon Springs or the Town of Glen?


What do you believe are the 3 most important issues facing Duanesburg for the next 5-10 years?


I presently own the following property in Duanesburg. Please indicate the number of parcels on each line.


My property would be considered in the following category:


I have been a resident / property owner for: