Caring for the Spirit of the Family Caregiver
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Invitation to Participate in Research Study
Dear Family Caregiver, 

You are invited to participate in a study I am conducting as part of my Doctor of Ministry degree at Wesley Theological Seminary under the supervision of Dr. Michael Koppel, Professor of Pastoral Theology and Congregational Care, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Below, please find more information about this project and what your involvement will entail if you decide to participate.    

In 2015, The National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP published a report on Caregiving in the United States. Their study identifies challenges for family caregivers, and emphasizes that more support of family caregivers is needed. Prior research shows that support for caregivers reduces compromised health issues such as stress, anxiety, depletion, depression, exhaustion and burnout. The purpose of my study is to explore the experiences of family caregivers and determine what is needed in a daily devotional to provide spiritual and emotional support for them.   

Participation in this study is voluntary. All information you provide is considered completely confidential. Your name will not appear in any thesis or report resulting from this study, however, with your permission anonymous quotations may be used.   

As a participant in this study you will receive early notification of publication of the "devotional project" end-product which will be developed for current and former family caregivers, as well as for caregiver support groups and caregiver health ministries. 

Thank you. 
Beryl Dennis 
Doctor of Ministry Candidate
Wesley Theological Seminary 

Faculty Advisor 
Dr. Michael Koppel  
Howard Chandler Robbins Professor of Pastoral Theology & Congregational Care 
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 
o: (202) 885-8610 l f: (202) 885-8605