Check your thinking
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Here are some typical thoughts that work to undermine your confidence. Think about the ones that apply to you and tick the appropriate box about how frequently you have these thoughts. These might not be the specific words you use but look for the similar thought pattern.

Thought *

Never Sometimes Often Frequently


Add up your totals for each column.

If your highest score was the NEVER column, congratulations and keep aware of your thoughts to ensure you can keep them supportive of yourself. If your highest score was SOMETIMES column you probably feel as though you’re doing OK most of the time with some lapses. You’re probably fairly optimistic, like to learn and want to keep your life on track. You’re probably aware of the thoughts that undermine your confidence but they still sometimes suck you in to feeling bad and procrastinate even when you know what you should be doing. You’d probably be interested in how to get even better results by empowering your good patterns of thought.

If your highest score was the OFTEN column your life is probably rather disappointing, you find it hard to get enthused about things and feel dull, heavy, lonely and it’s a fight to get motivated. You probably don’t even think that even if you were motivated that it wouldn’t work anyway – what’s the use?? You need help to break this pattern of thinking or you’ll never fulfil your secret hopes and wishes in life

If your highest score was the FREQUENTLY column, then Congratulations, you’ve made an effort to complete something. I bet it’s been a while since you’ve done that. You probably feel a bit tired sad, listless, depressed and wonder what the point of life is at times. But there is a bright side. You’ve taken the first step. Keep help. You need it urgently.

Go back to the list and reword each thought to it opposite and positive and notice how this makes a difference to how you begin to feel. As you start to take control of your thinking and choose your thoughts your world begins to change.

Mind can help you overcome your negative thinking and get your life back on track. Our ‘Discover your Beliefs’ audio will help you with some strategies to overcome these negative thoughts and build your confidence.

If you feel your life is seriously undermined by your thought patterns and that you can’t see your way out of this rut, then we recommend that you seek some individual coaching to help you make the shift you need. Contact: on 1300 887 286